Raw Story Shuts Down to Protest SOPA/PIPA Jan. 18

Raw Story announced that it will go dark tomorrow in protest of SOPA and PIPA. The site, which describes itself as "a progressive news site that focuses on stories often ignored in the mainstream media," claims a reach of 1.6 million unique readers per month. In a post explaining why it was going dark, the site said that, while the "news doesn't stop," if Congress passes either SOPA or PIPA "your access to it could."

"Raw Story is, as always, a small, privately-owned company, so we understand uniquely the problems caused by people who reprint our articles without permission or attribution, taking the intellectual property of our company and our employees without so much as a pageview in return," reads the post. "But our reporting has shown, time and again, that neither SOPA nor PIPA will help small companies like ours do much, if anything, to combat the theft of our intellectual property — heck, even the movie industry can’t say that its profits are actually down, despite rampant piracy. SOPA/PIPA is simply a cudgel supported by large, corporate interests who would rather spend money lobbying for outmoded legislation intended to stall the internet’s engine for change rather than learning a new way to operate in a modern world."

"But even worse than SOPA/PIPA doing nothing to help us assert our rights, the legislation could actually harm our small company and interfere with our mission to provide readers with news ignored by the mainstream media — like, ironically, the harm that could be wrought by SOPA/PIPA," the post continues. "In an online environment regulated by this corporate-designed legislation, one commenter, even a sock puppet, posting copyrighted material in a comment thread that isn’t immediately set upon by our dedicated volunteer comment moderation team, and Raw Story could go dark — even permanently. That should be unacceptable to anyone who uses the Internet, including our elected officials… but somehow it’s not."

They add that (as an online-only news outlet) they don't take this move lightly, but when it comes to important issues like this, sometimes you have to take a stand.

Read the whole thing on RawStory.com.

Source, Image Credit: RawStory.com

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