Andrew Eisen Video: ESA Supports SOPA

January 19, 2012 -

Andrew Eisen gives us a visual representation of how gamers felt when they heard the news that the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) was supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act. Is this the thanks gamers get from the trade group representing the video game industry after all of their hard work in Brown v. EMA?

We'll let you judge for yourselves. This is probably the best video Andrew has ever made, in my humble opinion. Watch it to you left and be sure to stop by Andrew's YouTube Channel to subscribe.


Re: Andrew Eisen Video: ESA Supports SOPA

For those interested, I blogged a little behind-the-scenes look at the making of this video.


Andrew Eisen

Re: Andrew Eisen Video: ESA Supports SOPA

True statement but he should added a spit on the corpse too. Because that's exactly what we feel like.

Re: Andrew Eisen Video: ESA Supports SOPA

Honestly, to me that's putting it extremely lightly if not nicely.


The ESA is stabbing us in the back and attempting to empty a magazine into us.

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