Glenn Beck Attacks SOPA, PIPA

Some have said "it will be a cold day in hell when I agree with Glen Beck about any issue." Well, today is the day you put on three sets of thermal underwear because you are about to mostly agree with the man that everyone loves to hate. Yesterday the conservative firebrand spent a good portion of his Internet program deriding PIPA and SOPA and calling listeners to action against it..

On his radio program Beck said that these laws give the government more power and giving them more power over the Internet would be disastrous. He also called on listeners to get involved in the protest and contact their elected representatives and voice their strong disapproval of them.

“I would urge you to call your Congressman, your Senator, call anybody you can," said Beck. "Reach out to all of your friends. Hands off the Internet. Hands off the Internet. I’m telling you, this is a backdoor. I don’t know what it is but remember when I told you, 'They’re building structure! You can’t let these things pass.'"

Beck also talked about the importance of free unfettered communication and the dissemination of ideas.

"It’s a different world we’re going into but it’s all based on the Internet. It’s all based on these connections. If you start limiting the connections, you’re going backwards as a society."

You can watch the video to your left.

Source: Mediaite by way of PHX-Corp.

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    Hevach says:

    Yes. Had to look it up, it was 2004, right about the time it was just starting to dawn on a lot of people just what they'd voted into law. Finding the article, it appears I remembered wrong – it wasn't the first time the media covered the use of the PATRIOT Act, but it does seem to be the first time they covered it being used against an American who wasn't suspected of Terrorism on any level.

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    Hevach says:

    Not just a defender of big corporate money, but of stiff copyright laws. He hasn't spoken on SOPA specifically, but years ago remember when the first use of the PATRIOT Act to come to public light was to shut down a site that pirated Stargate: SG1 episodes? Beck defended that, and it wasn't the last time he equated copyright piracy with terrorism.

    Last time a Glen Beck post made it on GP, I mentioned that he's reversed himself on many topics when his dedicated fan base appears to be against it, and from where he's sitting it probably looks like the entire world has united against SOPA. He basically has to – he's not particularly well liked, even many conservatives have blasted him. His appeal is extremely narrow, and if he drives his loyal fans away, he's not in a good position to replace them.

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    asmodai says:

    I think it's notable because Beck has been a defender of big corporate money in the past.

    The contradiction (which I think has jammed up a lot of republicans who are typically pro-corporate and anti-big government) is that the corporations are now trying to make government bigger to help them accomplish their goals.

    Much like the bail outs, corps are not adverse to government 'assistance' when it's advantageous for them, but they hate regulation when times are good.

    This leaves muppets like Beck in the position of either a) supporting the corps and making government bigger/chilling free speech or b) standing up to the corps gaming of the system to maintain their belief in free speech/small gov.

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    Davvolun says:

    This will not stand! We need to get SOPA/PIPA passed, they are necessary laws to protect America's interests! I've been saying this since day one — I didn't just change my mind overnight due to the comments of some crackpot, that's ridiculous.

    Only a terrorist wouldn't support protecting copyright. And the internet is big, it will recover from any damage just fine. In fact, I think we should go one further, $1000 usage per time to use the internet, unless your gross yearly income is greater than say $300,000. If only poor people break copyright, only poor people will be criminals. WE HAVE TO STOP GLENN BECK! Lock up the proletariat! A-MURR-KA!

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    black manta says:

    Yeah, that is bizarre.  Especially if you remember that he had JT himself on his show at one point; the man who was to free speech what Lt. William "Rusty" Calley was to thatched huts!

    But considering how many conspiracy theories he spouts, one of them was bound to to bear fruit.  Like DorthLous said, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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    GoodRobotUs says:

    I started watching it, and whilst I applaud Beck for being against SOPA and the idea of a non-free Internet, even when I agree with him on his conclusion, his BS/s rate is just too high for me :(

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    Kajex says:

    Why is he even getting attention? Everyone else came to this conclusion before he came to it- the fact that someone as disgusting as him said something about it is irrelevant.

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    Neeneko says:

    I am amused that when he was trying to talk about how the internet is the only thing that works, my sound started breaking up and I couldn't watch the video any more.

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    Technogeek says:

    Some have said "it will be a cold day in hell when I agree with Glenn Beck about any issue." Well, today is the day you put on three sets of thermal underwear because you are about to mostly agree with the man that everyone loves to hate.

    Well, the temperature in Hell is currently a balmy 15 degrees Farenheit, so yeah, that sounds about right.

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