SOPA Protest Aftermath

January 19, 2012 -

After just one day of Internet protests and a concerted effort by the Internet community, the mainstream media finally took notice of the war between the entertainment industry and the Internet over SOPA and PIPA. Every broadcast and cable television network - much to their chagrin - was forced to say something about sites like Wikipedia and Reddit going dark, and Google's redacted logo had a huge impact as well. With the increased media attention and a deluge of phone calls and emails from constituents, several lawmakers panicked and withdrew their support from the bill.

ProPublica, which does a great job of tracking the shifting positions of lawmakers on issues, has been keeping tabs on who said what and who changed their position in the face of increased constituency awareness. Ahem.

At a glance, Rep. Lee Terry (NB.), Rep. Jeff Flake (AZ.), Rep. Kevin Yoder (KS.), Sen. James M. Inhofe (OK.), Rep. Joe Walsh (Ill.) Sen. Jim DeMint (SC), Sen. Marc Rubio (FL.) and many other lawmakers issued statements saying that they had either removed their sponsorship from PIPA and SOPA or outright opposed it.

Where both of these laws go from here is unknown but the increased public scrutiny and the embarrassing segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night (featuring part of the recent House Judiciary Committee Markup Meeting where they said "nerd" a lot), should be enough to make lawmakers at least take the time to consult some expert witnesses that know something about how the Internet works.

For a full list of statements, check out ProPublica. It's a great resource.


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Re: SOPA Protest Aftermath

I rather liked Fark's fake-support protest. Night before the blackouts started, Drew Curtis announced his 100% support of SOPA, and purged all the anti-SOPA links in the queue. Shortly after getting the shitstorm good and rolling, the front page was replaced with something along the lines of, "We've been doing this for 12 years, and honestly, it's hard to keep up. We've been looking for a reason to quit, and getting shut down by the government is as good as any."

It was fun switching around the different news networks in prime time, too. All of the normally well spoken talking heads from every wing on the scale were stumbling over words trying to cover the day's biggest news without pissing off their employers, who all supported the bill.

I'm absolutely shocked that a number of the people who withdrew their support or sponsorship from the bill said that the protest had provoked them to actually read the bill themselves for the first time. Not shocked that's the case, mind you, it's grand tradition for Congress to be blind sided by what their laws actually do, just shocked that some of them actually admitted it this time.

Re: SOPA Protest Aftermath

HLN was covering this a few times yesterday. They spent most of their coverage of it talking about what it is and what it does. Oh, and how some people might have a problem with it, but that's not important.

Oh, and one of the guys slipped up and called it the Stop Online PRIVACY Act.

---You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

Re: SOPA Protest Aftermath

Sad part is that slip up is even closer to the truth.

Re: SOPA Protest Aftermath

I saw a segment about the blackouts on ABC, but they spent most of their time on a demonstration by a 15 year old of how easy it is to find a pirated movie.  Smooth, Disney.  Real smooth.

It's like somebody pushing for a law that says they can shoot and kill anybody whose dog poops in their yard.  When people point out that that is ludicrously overkill and horrifying and ineffective (dog with no owner?  free to poop anywhere it pleases), the man just keeps repeating his mantra that the people against the idea are idiots who want their lawns to be full of poop.

Re: SOPA Protest Aftermath

Disney is in favor of SOPA so don't be amazed when they spin the crap out of it.

Re: SOPA Protest Aftermath

I keep seeing that argument pop up.


"Only pirates don't want this to pass"

Re: SOPA Protest Aftermath

Kinda like when the CEO of EA said that "Only Pirates complain about the DRM in our games."

 - W

Consumer responsibility is just as important as Corporate responsibility. So, be responsible consumers.

Re: SOPA Protest Aftermath

You sure that was EA? The last big controversy I recall over a specific type of DRM was with Ubisoft's always-on stuff. The Origin issue had more to do with allegations of being spyware than any complaints regarding DRM capabilities.

Re: SOPA Protest Aftermath

You're forgetting things like Spore's horrendous DRM, which was one of those that started the battle...

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