TIGA, Jagex Oppose SOPA

The trade group representing United Kingdom game developers expressed their concerns about SOPA in a press release issued yesterday. TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson said that the bill worries the UK games industry because they could open them up to damaging legal actions and hurt online games businesses.

"The worry is that this legislation would expose online games businesses to damaging legal action, while inhibiting innovation and leading to over-caution online," said Wilson. "Videogame companies could have to spend time and money analysing the behaviour of their users."

"TIGA understands the need to clamp down on rogue websites – those which blatantly make money from piracy and therefore restrict the profit margins of developers and digital publishers – but it believes SOPA would be a sledgehammer cracking a nut," he added.

Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex also provided comments on the bills in the press release, saying it would create a firewall for customers in America:

"Jagex is fervently opposed to the proposed 'Stop Online Piracy Act' as it will essentially create a national censorship firewall for American internet users. Specifically this could crush the community element of online gaming and could result in a huge lack of freedom of speech, creativity and opinion sharing. "

"Secondary to providing compelling games Jagex provides a social platform for our own community which could be hugely affected, negatively impacting on community sharing, forum activity, even in-game chat."

We assume that both Jagex and TIGA also oppose PIPA, though the release does not state that emphatically. You can read the entire press release here.

Image Credit: TIGA


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