UKIE Plans Debate on Piracy in Wake of SOPA Protests

There has been plenty of talk on how bad bills like SOPA and PIPA are, but no discussion about what can be done about piracy. Piracy is a real problem – but the breadth and depth of that problem has never been accurately documented by the entertainment industry, which use estimates based on lost sales as the basis for their claims.

Jo Twist, the new CEO of UK games industry trade group UKIE is the first person in the industry to say "hey, we need to have a serious debate" on the subject. In response to the reaction over SOPA and PIPA yesterday, Twist issued a statement calling for a debate on the topic. Twist says that her organization would host the debate and would include all interested parties in the coming weeks.

"We are very much involved in the debates around Intellectual Property," said Twist. "Our industry has a very close relationship with gamers who drive our industry and we have led the way in supplying compelling content across all formats and constantly reviewing our business models. We are proud to have this relationship and want to preserve and build on the loyalty of all gamers."

"To this end we are announcing that we will host an industry debate to explore ways of positively building on the power of our products and services for game makers and players alike. This will happen in the coming weeks and will extend beyond our membership to all those involved in our innovative industry."

Details on what interests would be included in this debate were not disclosed. We hope that a UK game players' advocacy group will be part of this discussion as well as technology experts, because a one-sided debate on fighting piracy can really only go in one direction – a bad one.

Image Credit: UKIE

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