Star Wars: The Old Republic Honored with Accessible Mainstream GotY Award

The AbleGamers Foundation has given the 2011 Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year Award to Star Wars: the Old Republic. The charity dedicated to encouraging accessibility of games for players with disabilities says that Star Wars: The Old Republic deserved this year's award because it provided a lot of options for players.

Each year, the AbleGamers Foundation looks at all of the game titles released in a given year for the best use of accessibility in a game. Recipients are recognized for demonstrating "excellence in accessibility by including options that allow for gamers with a wide range of disabilities to fully enjoy the game."

They go on to say that many of this year's big releases cut accessibility or placed it on the list of things to be patched into the game at a later date. SWTOR was not one of those games. BioWare took the time to add things like colorblind friendly options, full subtitles, and control options to let those with mobility impairments play the game as easy as possible.

"It's very rare to see a game of this caliber initially released with so many accessibility options," said Mark Barlet, president of the AbleGamers Foundation. "BioWare did a wonderful job including a large number of options right at launch with the promise of including more as soon as possible."

"We were absolutely inundated with requests to review Star Wars: the Old Republic before the game was even released," said Steven Spohn, editor-in-chief of "Thousands of gamers regardless of their disability wanted to know if they would be able to play this highly anticipated game. Fortunately, we were able to report the majority of disabled gamers will be able to play SWTOR."

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