Webcomics Goose EA Over Lack of SOPA Stance

As we reported last week, a petition at Change.org is asking Electronic Arts to publicly come out against SOPA.  The number of signatures now sits north of 135,000.

A few days ago, Reddit user Skitrel asked EA to clarify its position on the bill, especially in light of the fact that the Entertainment Software Association (of which EA is a member) supports it and represents the interests of its members.

“EA has not expressed a position on SOPA – we never did and probably never will,” wrote Jeff Brown, EA’s Vice President of Corporate Communications.  “The game industry's representatives in Washington, Entertainment Software Association, has expressed support for SOPA…  OK true, EA is a member of ESA, and ESA supports SOPA, but we don't think that implies our support."

Naturally, some web comics are having a bit of fun at EA’s expense.  Check ‘em out:

Critical Miss

Today’s image credit goes to Extra Life.  Yeah, it has nothing to do with EA but it is about SOPA and I think it’s funny, so there!

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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