Petition Asks White House to Abandon Support for ACTA

Another petition launched at the White House's official site asks the Obama Administration to end its support for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA. From the text of the petition created on January 21:

"We petition the Obama administration to: End ACTA and Protect our right to privacy on the Internet.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, is a 'plurilateral' trade agreement, currently being negotiated between the US, Canada, Japan, the European Union, South Korea, Mexico, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. It is somewhat similar to SOPA/PIPA, however ACTA is an executive agreement between countries besides the United States, and it can be passed without the approval from Congress and the Supreme Court. It is potentially hazardous to the Internet we know and how it works.

We need to stop ACTA before it is finally approved by all countries involved. If you value your privacy and you don't want 'Big Brother' watching over you, sign this petition and spread the word. Research ACTA and see just how dangerous it is to the Internet, our privacy, and our liberties."

You can sign this petition here. As of this writing, the petition has 6,079 of the 25,000 signatures it needs by February 20.

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    BlindMaphisto says:

    He may be a duck but he also might be right. I've signed quite a few of the petitions and Obamas response is always dismissal. I'm not ready to give up yet though.

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    DorthLous says:

    Woah there, it was censored. For all you know, it could be "duck"…

    And your cynicism is in itself a symptom of your giving up, but you don't need to bring others doing something with you (unless your endgame is politic system failure that causes a re-imagining.)

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    Truec says:

    It's a rigorous and grueling training.  I have to kick three hundred puppies every day, then push old ladies down stairs to cool down.

    Although I don't know what my being a dick has to do with politicians not caring about people have to say.

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    The only problem with this petition is that President Obama has already signed this without Senate approval because he claims it is an "executive agreement"

    Which is absolutely horrendous. The fact that Obama is blatantly signing treaties in violation of the Constitution should immediately raise red flags for anyone.

    Our only hope with ACTA is that the Senate challenges the signing under the Constitution and gets the signature voided.

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