Australia’s R18+ Gets Debate and Vote in February

The Australian Government will finally debate and vote on an R18+ video games classification in February, according to several published reports. Former Federal Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O'Connor had taken responsibility for the bill, and had been pushing for a vote on the subject for a very long time. 

But during the recent ministerial reshuffle, O'Connor was moved to a new role as minister for Human Services, with ex-Defence Materiel minister Jason Clare taking over the office of home affairs. Speaking to, Clare confirmed that the bill is still on track for debate and a vote in Australia’s first parliamentary session of the new year – February 7. If the bill passes the lower house, it will be sent to the Senate for a final decision.

Many see the debate portion of the process as a formality because the bill was already approved "in principle" by state ministers and a Senate majority last year. To pass the bill needs the support of two of five floating crossbench MPs.

Supporters of the bill expect that it will pass.


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    madman says:

    Coming from an Aussie here:

    The banning of games is not the real issue over here though. In fact the number of banned games is still relatively small. The real problem is the consistency of the classification system as was seen in the Left 4 Dead 2 case. 

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    "In fact the number of banned games is still relatively small."

    Doesn't matter.  If it's greater than 0, it's a problem.  Aside from that, my point is that an R18+ rating won't matter.  If the gov't doesn't like it, it will simply refuse it classification until it's edited to its satisfaction.  Again though, I'd love to be wrong about that.


    Andrew Eisen


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    Andrew Eisen says:

    My inner cynic maintains that an R18+ rating won't make an iota of difference; the Australian gov't will still just ban whatever it doesn't like.

    I sure would love to be wrong about that though.


    Andrew Eisen

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