Ken Weber Takes Reins of

Zynga wants to improve the charity work it already does and has found just the person to head up its efforts: Ken Weber. Weber, who previously worked with The One Campaign and Network For Good, will take the reins of Zynga's charity effort,

"Essentially what we're trying to develop is a new platform for giving based on our games, integrated into the daily experience of playing our games," Weber recently told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Weber will serve as executive director, where he will be charged with increasing the social gaming giant’s corporate kindness and help drive funds from the company's various games to various global charities that they consider important.

"Important new changes in philanthropy don't come along very often," added Weber. "Fifteen years ago, when we were working on that UNICEF game, there was a seismic shift starting to happen. If the social graph is the next great wave of innovation, it's also reasonable to expect there will be a seismic shift for philanthropy." supports a number of global charities including Save The Children, Habitat For Humanity, and

Source: Image Credit: Zynga

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