Polish Government Will Sign ACTA Thursday

Officials from the Polish government say that they are steadfast in their support of ACTA, despite the threats from Anonymous. The hacktivist group attacked various Polish government sites over the weekend in hopes of deterring the country from supporting the international agreement on counterfeiting and IP protection. Polish government minister Michal Boni, defended the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, saying that signing the international treaty would not hamper Internet usage. He added that Poland still plans to sign it on Thursday, as planned.

"The ACTA agreement in no way changes Polish laws or the rights of Internet users and Internet usage," Boni, Poland’s minister of administration and digitization, said after a meeting with Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Culture Minister Bogdan Zdrojewski.

The Democratic Left Alliance opposition party also called on the government to not sign the treaty in a gesture of solidarity with those who warn it could hurt Internet freedom. While Boni acknowledges that the government has failed to hold enough consultations with the public on the matter, he also indicated that they would move forward anyways.

Anonymous has made a number of threats before and during the Internet disruptions. The group says that they will continue to assail government websites and will release leaked government documents and other sensitive information if Poland signs ACTA.

Source: Newsday

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