Rumor: Microsoft to Drop MS Points for Real-World Currency

According to several outlets – most notably Inside Mobile Apps, Microsoft is rumored to be considering dumping its Microsoft Points currency that it uses on Xbox Live Marketplace for real world dollars. Transaction will allegedly be shifted over to real world dollars instead. Naturally transactions would use the currency of the region a given account is in.

This makes some sense if you consider that many of the services and items you can buy on Xbox Live – including new movies, music and Games on Demand don't allow you to use MS Points – you have to spend real money on these things.

For now Microsoft is saying the usual comment because this is a rumor:

"We do not comment on rumors or speculation."

Source: InsideMobilePapps. Image Credit

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    Oreo says:

    Really?  What's the problem with MS points?  I'm a member of the rewards program, and while I don't really spend a lot of points in a year, I spend more of those than I would actual money.  I've gotten 800-1200 points from their Bing promotion, which cost me nothing more than some time searching.

    I don't think I've bought points for face value either.  I remember getting some of my first 1600 point cards for $15, which means that I got 400 points for free on each one.  The deals are out there, and because it's not a recognized currency, taxes aren't charged on the purchases.

    I bought both Penny Arcade games, some other XBLA games, and DLC for Halo: Reach.  None of it was with points I paid full value for, and most were during sales on that content, so I got it for an even better discount than if it had a dollar value attached.  I also haven't paid full price for a Live subscription in the past 2 years because of deals on the 12 month cards and promotions on Live.

    How much of an inconvenience is it, really, vs. the opportunity to have free MS points practically thrown at you?  Think they'll do that with actual cash value cards?  I doubt it.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    Well if they didn't do it that way someone could get your card number and drain your account into theirs.

    It least it lets you add only as much as it would take for your purchase.

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    Algus says:

    God I hope they do this.   Although I'd hope that you could just directly buy stuff instead of on the PS3 where you have to add money to your "wallet" or whatever.  Its such a pain in the butt.  I just want to be able to buy the content I want without having to buy more points than I need or whatever.   

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    David says:

    I wonder how they'd handle the conversion vis a vis points already on accounts.  I don't mind transferring to real world currency, I just want to make sure I'm not sitting there with a load of unspent points that are totally useless.

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    airford says:

    This sounds like a good idea for first world countries' currency, but other currencies that aren't stable won't see much of a change.

    Still, it is a net plus. And as I am an American, yay for me.

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    axiomatic says:

    I can't wait for this to happen.

    I actually had this conversation with my son at Toys-R-us.

    "Son, that cost's $15 dollars. We aren't buying that toy today."

                "But Daaaaad! $15 dollars is nothing. Come on!"

    "Harrison… that's like 1200 XBOX live points."


    "Yes, son…"

                "Oh… ok well how about for my birthday then….?"



    A language he understood…..

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