Netflix: No Plans for Game Rentals

If you were hoping that Netflix was still considering renting video games like it does with disc-based movies, let that hope die tonight. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said today on a call to discuss the latest quarter’s earnings, that the idea was dead and laying in a shallow grave right next to the one about renaming its disc-based rental service to "Quikster."

The company's streaming subscriber base outnumbers DVD users by two to one, and in the last quarter they lost 2.76 million DVD subscribers. So the whole idea of renting games would go against where the company expects the bulk of its subscriber base to end up soon: streaming only. If you've watched any of its recent launches in new regions like Canada and the UK, you'll note that those areas are streaming only.

Still, something like video games could help bring those DVD subscriber levels where they were before all the pricing changes and the crazy idea involving Quikster…

Source: IndustryGamers

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