Quarrel Rejected by Publishers for being a ‘Word Game’

Quarrel developer Denki says that its Xbox Live Arcade word game was rejected by several major publishers multiple times. The developers are calling on gamers to prove wrong publishing executives who say that people don't buy word games by buying the game. The multiplayer word game launched on Xbox Live Arcade today.

In a post on the company blog, managing director Colin Anderson said that the struggle to land a publishing deal caused Denki to restructure and lay off a number of its staff in April of 2010. Quarrel was eventually released for iPhone last August and now it is available on Xbox Live Arcade.

"And not because their game acquisition teams didn't recommend signing it," Anderson wrote. "Almost without exception every acquisition team we showed it to thought it was a certifiable, bankable hit – just as we did. The problems only started once they'd passed Quarrel up the decision tree to their finance and marketing teams – the bit more commonly known as 'The Industry'."

"We heard the same justifications for passing on it over and over again ad nauseam," he continued. "One signal came through clearer than any other among the general noise of reasons why Quarrel wasn't for them, and that was this: 'Gamers don't buy word games'."

Anderson disputes this claim vigorously and calls on gamers to buy a copy – "Or four, it's only 400 MSP" – and send a message to those that refused the game.

"Whatever helps people to hear about it and not simply ignore it would be most welcomed by us. Particularly as Microsoft seems to have gone out of its way to relegate games to an afterthought in the most recent redesign of the Xbox [360] dashboard."

Source: Edge

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