Twisted Metal to Include Online Pass

We missed this a couple of days ago, but it's a pretty important story for fans of Twisted Metal. According to IndustryGamers, Eat Sleep Play's Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3 will include an Online Pass system that requires you to punch in a code to play online.

David Jaffe, the creator of the Twisted Metal series, has said in the past that he is against the addition of the Online Pass in his game, but noted that "It's not my call and I'd totally understand if Sony as a company said 'Look, this is a mandate that permeates all of our titles. We're not making selective choices.'"

The addition of Online Pass was confirmed at CES by Twisted Metal’s QA lead.

Basically, this news means that if you happen to buy the game used, you'll have to pay extra money to play online. How much we do not know, but a conservative estimate would be somewhere between $5 – $10 USD.

Source: The Gamers Hub by way of Industry Gamers

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