Why Paradox Doesn’t Use DRM

Paradox Entertainment CEO and co-owner Fred Wester thinks that digital rights management schemes are a waste of money, a hassle to users, and usually implemented to appease a CEO or Board of directors that thinks it somehow stops piracy.

"If you take something like Sony's DRM, SecuROM — it's a waste of money. It will keep you protected for three days, it will create a lot of technical support, and it will not increase sales," he told GameSpy recently. "I know this for a fact, because we tried it eight years ago, and it never worked for us. Two major reasons: it costs money and it makes you lose money, and the other is that it's so inconvenient to customers."

Wester also revealed that his company hasn't used DRM of any kind for about eight years.

"If you're a CEO, you need to cover your back," he continued. "And the people who ask, the board, know nothing about games. They're there because they're some investment company or something, and they ask 'So what are you doing to protect our game from pirates?' And then they can reply 'We're buying this solution from Sony.'"

Wester also singled out Ubisoft's "always connected" DRM method, which he called "2003."

"People who purchase a game should have just as easy a time as those who pirate the game, otherwise it's a negative incentive to buy a legal copy," he told GameSpy.

Source: GI.biz

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    Lisa Pham says:

    Majesty 2 didn't score very well in our evaluation either.. "UNACCEPTABLE – 46%"  frown

    Being a hypocrite is when you say one thing and then actually DO the opposite. Which is what Paradox is doing. Origin is a distribution system but also acts as a DRM.. A DRM that is really bad in it's current form/condition.

    When a DRM (ORIGIN in this case) stops people from playing their legally paid for game, then it's considered BAD… and any game that is on Origin and causing people (honest consumer) issues or not being able to play those games, it's not saying anything good about the gaming companies using that Distribution/DRM system either.

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    DorthLous says:

    Well, check how they handled Majesty 2. DRM on all DLCs that literally broke, leaving everyone who bought the DLCs ripped off (to this date), constant increase of DRM on the main game which, albeit being a light DRM, goes both against this statement and the statement they made on release that the game was easy to mod and would become more so.

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    Aidinthel says:

    As long as copies purchased from other stores do not require Origin, I don't see anything hypocritical about offering the games to those who choose to use that service.

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    Lisa Pham says:

    Someone is being a Hypocrite!

    How can he say all that about DRM and now putting their games on Origin… one of the worst DRM's out there right now (in the same class as most annoying for consumers as SecuROM). Many of the games sold on there DON'T work… many consumers are having issues authenticating their games, and some consumers just can't play the games because the Origin launcher just won't launch right.

    How is that doing things right for consumers? How can going from BAD to WORSE be good for their consumers???

    From Gamespot


    "The other 10 new publishing partners for Origin are CD Projekt Red, Freebird Games, Recoil Games, Robot Entertainment, Autumn Games, 1C Company, InXile Entertainment, Paradox Interactive, Core Learning Ltd., and N3V Games."


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