Polish Politicians Say ‘Fawkes You’ to ACTA

While some politicians in Poland believe that signing the ACTA treaty was a smart idea – even in the midst of actual protesting in the streets (some put the number of protesters at 20,000 people), some have sided with the public. The picture to your left – found on TechDirt – shows that some politicians in the country have some sense. Today a whole gaggle of politicians donned famed Guy Fawkes masks in the Parliament to protest the vote. As you probably already know, this is the preferred mask of Anonymous, but Guy Fawkes also represents a symbol of protest against government tyranny.

The European Union and its various member countries signed on to the treaty today – but as we noted earlier – that doesn't mean the fight is over. The treaty has to be ratified by the European Parliament. Those in opposition of ACTA in the United States are calling on the Senate to demand that the President bring ACTA before them to approve the treaty. The President is calling ACTA an executive agreement, but because it deals with IP issues – which are under the purview of Congress – the Constitution requires that he seek approval from the Senate.

If you have not contacted your Senator about this, we strongly urge you to do so before it is too late.

Source, Image Credit: TechDirt

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