Revisiting Sweatshop: The Game

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to work in a sweatshop like those poor souls at Foxconn (who work long hours for little pay to build the devices we all use every day like iPads, iPhones, Xbox 360's and PS3's) then developer Littleloud has just the thing for you: a game called Sweatshop. Yes we have highlighted this game before here at GamePolitics, but in light of recent events at Foxconn it's worth revisiting again.

The online strategy game let you manage a floor of workers who assemble all kinds of goods for richer countries like hats, shirts, bags and shoes. While you manage your over-worked employees you'll also have to deal with other elements that can make or break your profitability. As you progress through the game moral dilemmas pop up – like how your treat your workers in the face of trying to maximize profits.

The game may look cute, but the subject matter and the things the game asks you to do are not.

After you have played a level in the game, you are presented with some startling facts provided by Labour Behind The Label, a nonprofit organization in the U.K. that advocates for worker’s rights.

Find out more about the game here.

Source: GamesBeat

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