Future US Lays Off 19 Employees

Yesterday was a bad day for anyone that worked at Future US Publishing. The company laid off 19 employees as part of a restructuring plan from various divisions including Games Radar, Mac|Life, MaxPC, and Future Studios. The company will continue to publish Nintendo Power, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, OXM, and @Gamer.

"Future US is currently working to reposition itself in the marketplace to transform the company from an old school publisher to a hybrid publisher," Future COO Rachelle Considine said to Joystiq. "While many 'old school' publishing companies and outlets have folded completely, Future US is in process of retooling and reshaping the organization to succeed, and thrive in the digital era."

The company consolidated its US and UK based operations, laid off staff and replaced some executives a few months ago after its CFO and CEO resigned.

We wish all our friends and colleagues affected by these layoffs our deepest condolences and our hope that they find new employment as soon as possible.

Source: Joystiq

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