Another Developer Accuses Zynga of Stealing Game Design

January 30, 2012 -

Another day, another developer accusing Zynga of swiping its game design. Bingo Blitz developer Buffalo Studios has accused Zynga of copying its design for its recently announced Bingo game. They say Zynga has "obviously played" its Bingo game. Last week iPhone game developer Nimblebit accused Zynga of ripping off its popular mobile title Tiny Tower.

The company put together a side-by-side comparison of its game against Zynga's recently announced Bingo game here.

"Hello Zynga. We are moved that your new game was so inspired by our innovative product, Bingo Blitz," reads a statement from Buffalo.

"You've obviously played our game Bingo Blitz a lot," it continues. "Please tell your thousands of employees and shareholders that we hope they enjoy playing the games we're cooking up next!"

Source: Gamasutra. Image Credit: Buffalo Studios



Re: Another Developer Accuses Zynga of Stealing Game Design

you know that had it been the other way around, zynga's baying pack of lawyers would be all over them in a heartbeat with takedowns and DMCAs.
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