Public Service Announcement: The Truth About ACTA

We have talked about the Anti-Counterfeit Trading Agreement (ACTA),  but not everyone knows what is in the treaty or  how it could ultimately affect the average Internet user.  Some confusion on ACTA has been facilitated by people's fear of it, protests, and the way the treaty was negotiated in secret. Luckily there are two articles that can help the average user understand just what ACTA contains. One comes from TechDirt and the other can be found on Ars Technica.

So what is the biggest problem with ACTA? A cursory view of both articles reveals that the vagueness of the language is causing the most alarm among governments that currently object to it. We'll let you decide for yourselves if ACTA is like SOPA or PIPA on steroids or simply a harmless framework that gets governments around the world cooperating in the fight to combat counterfeit goods and pirated software and entertainment…

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