EFF Launches Megaretrieval.com to Help MegaUpload Customers

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a site – megaretrieval.com – dedicated to helping legitimate customers of MegaUpload retrieve their lost data – put in limbo when the Federal government seized the servers and the assets of the file-sharing site. The goal of the site is to help innocent users who used the site to store data that was not in anyway infringing on other people's intellectual property (in other words, they were not engaged in any type of piracy).

If you are one of these people and are based in the United States the EFF is asking you to contact them at megauploadmissing@eff.org.

The web site is a joint project of the EFF and storage provider Carpathia Hosting. The site also features statements from the EFF and Carpathia Hosting representatives:

"EFF is troubled that so many lawful users of Megaupload.com had their property taken from them without warning and that the government has taken no steps to help them," wrote Julie Samuels, Staff Attorney at EFF. "We think it's important that these users have their voices heard as this process moves forward."

"We have no immediate plans to reprovision some or all of the Megaupload servers," wrote Brian Winter, CMO at Carpathia Hosting. "This means that there is no imminent data loss for Megaupload customers. If this situation changes, we will post a notice at least 7 days in advance of reprovisioning any Megaupload servers at www.Carpathia.com and www.MegaRetrieval.com. We continue to recommend that Megaupload users seeking to retrieve their data contact Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for assistance by visiting www.MegaRetrieval.com. Please continue to visit www.Carpathia.com or www.MegaRetrieval.com for updates."

You can Find out more information at megaretrieval.com.

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