Harmonix CEO Gave $10k to Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC

I always enjoy when politics and video games come together to create chaos… or comedy. According to a Federal Elections Commission filing by Stephen Colbert's Super Pac at midnight, "Americans for a "Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow," Harmonix founder and CEO Alex Rigopulos gave the group $9600. The New York Times, which detailed who donated to all of the Super Pacs associated with various Republican candidates, said the following about Colbert's donors:

"The comedian Stephen Colbert's super PAC raised nearly all of its money in donations of less than $200, with just one person, Alex Rigopulos of Belmont, Mass., the chief executive of Harmonix Music Systems Inc., giving more than $5,000 (he gave $9,600). The super PAC reported raising an additional $197,646 since the beginning of the year, for a total of $1,023,121." 

Comedian Stephen Colbert, the host of the popular Colbert Report on Comedy Central, spent some money in January to advertise during the Republican presidential primary in South Carolina (his home state). Colbert and The Daily Show host Jon Stewart made fun of the way Super Pacs operate during the entire month of January by creating ridiculously hilarious attack ads.

The influence of Super Pac money this year has been staggering, with some Super Pacs supporting campaigns garnering single donations in the millions. If you want to see who is financing the Republican field, check out this New York Times report.

Source: Kotaku

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