No Online Pass for Syndicate, Says EA Partners

Speaking to Eurogamer, EA Partners executive producer Jeff Gamon says that it will not use an Online Pass or code system for the upcoming Syndicate game. This is obviously great news for consumers who absolutely loathe this new practice by publishers such as EA, THQ, and Ubisoft.

Gamon said that EA decided to leave Online Pass out of the re-imagining of the dystopian Bullfrog strategy game classic to appeal to more players.

"We want as little resistance or barriers to entry as possible," Gamon said. "The co-op is equal billing in this. We wanted everyone who owns a copy of the game to have access to the entire product."

"Under normal circumstances it would have had an online pass, but because it didn't have competitive multiplayer and because we wanted as many people as possible to be playing co-op, we got away with it," Gamon added. "Maybe another reason for not having the Online Pass is we were confident in the scope of the online game."

Gamon went on to say that the nine maps included in the game for co-op, along with the single-player campaign, should be enough to ensure that the game won't end up being sold off early by players.

While developer Starbreeze is an independent developer, EA owns the rights to the Syndicate franchise (it gained those rights when it bought Bullfrog so many moons ago), so they deserve credit for leaving Online Pass out of this game.

Source: Eurogamer

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