Origin a Big Hit, Says EA

As part of its earnings announcements today, Electronic Arts revealed that its digital games service Origin generated around $100 million in the 2011 calendar year from an estimated 9.3 million consumers.

The company also said that its MMO (created by BioWare) Star Wars: The Old Republic currently enjoys about 1.7 million active subscribers since launching in December, with 2 million units sold.

On the financial front, EA reported losses of $205 million for the quarter, down from $322 million. Net sales were $1.061 billion, compared to $1.053 billion the same period a year ago. EA estimates revenues for the fourth quarter between $925 million and $975 million.

EA also said that Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 have both sold more than 10 million units, while Madden NFL 12 has sold almost 5 million units since its release.

Source: GI.biz

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    axiomatic says:

    Dear EA,

    If we wanted to play BF3 or something else only on Origin did we really have a choice? Claiming that a service that has no analog is a success is disingenuous at best. 

    But really… go pat yourselves on the back. You somehow made it work without people assembling on your front door with pitchforks and torches.

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    GoodRobotUs says:

    Err… I updated the Sims 3 and Origin got installed on my computer, whether I liked it or not. The first thing I did was stop it updating because I wasn't even warned it was going to be there.

    Bloody thing has been nothing more than yet another waste of hard-drive space since that point.

  3. 0
    Samster says:

    Yes, well. If I forced everyone to accept a turd every time they bought one of my popular products, I could say the turd market was doing pretty well 😛

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    MechaTama31 says:

    Uh, guys?  This is their earnings statement, not their "Origin is awesome and here's why" statement.  The details on Origin are one part of their earnings statement, the details on SWTOR are another part of their earnings statement, etc.  The SWTOR stats are not related to the Origin stats, nor is EA saying they are.  They simply mention both stats as part of their general earnings statement.

    Now, on an unrelated note: Bite me, EA.  Put your games on Steam or I won't buy them.  Period.  Origin can sit on and rotate.

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    GrimCW says:

    i'm with the others.

    how does TOR count towards Origin's "success" when the game doesn't even use Origin?

    that aside, calling something you FORCE people to use a success is like saying shit stinks….. duh?

    not much choice in the matter means it'll get used, and this early in the game its hardly a good test.

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    madman says:

    Thanks for the link Lisa!

    Its absolutely shocking that EA is advertising and selling games, that need to be authenticated by a server that is currently disabled. Couldn't they just keep the old server running while backing up the data and preparing the new server, and then finally disable the old server once the new server is ready with all the old data loaded onto it?

    If I were EA, I'd seriously consider firing the management team.

  7. 0
    Lisa Pham says:

    And out of all those millions of games sold, how many of those customers are HAPPY with EA/Origin? How many are having issues with their games?

    How many of EA's customers are even able to play the games they've purchased through Origin? Games that they sell and don't even have a server setup to authenticate those games with (to even get the game to start the first time)? Case in point – http://www.reclaimyourgame.com/showthread.php/5217-The-Sims-Stories-Collection-Don-t-Work.

    EA/Origin are kidding themselves… Just having all those sales and $$$ but also have X amount of very unhappy customers isn't something to brag about.

    To me it's Bad Management and Bad Consumer Relations.

  8. 0
    airford says:

    waitwaitwaitaminute… EA says Origin is a success? I find this completely shocking, who would have thought the creator would find it's creation successful.[/sarcasm]

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