Man Dies While Gaming, No One Notices

A sad story from Sky News (by way of The Escapist) details how the dead body of a man in a New Taipei city, China cyber cafe went unnoticed for a full nine hours. The man, who was playing an undisclosed online game, died on Tuesday night according to local reports. The cyber cafe had 30 customers that night, some of which sat next to him, and didn't notice that he was no longer alive.

Chen Rong-yu, 23, was found slumped in a chair at the cafe on Tuesday night. The last time anyone paid any attention to him was at noon – a waitress claimed that she saw him talking on his phone around that time.

Local authorities believe that Rong-yu passed away due to a pre-existing heart condition and the low temperatures of his surroundings. These two factors, a lack of movement, and fatigue, may have created a blood clot – and then a heart attack. When he was finally found, his body was rigid on the chair and his hands were stretched out towards the keyboard and mouse, according to police.

Source: Sky News by way of The Escapist

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