Rogers Promises to Stop Throttling Canadian Internet Customers

February 3, 2012 -

Canadian Internet Service Provider Rogers has agreed to stop throttling its customers' connections, after pro-Internet group and the Canadian Gamers Organization filed multiple complaints with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). In a letter to the CRTC’s Compliance and Enforcement division (PDF) the company acknowledged the complaints made by the Canadian Gamers Organization (CGO) and over their policy of slowing down traffic related to online gaming and other high bandwidth-using activities. Here's how Rogers will make this happen:

"New technologies and ongoing investments in network capacity will allow Rogers to begin phasing out that policy starting in March 2012. These changes will be introduced to half of Rogers existing Internet customers by June 2012 and to its remaining customers by December 2012., a grassroots group that promotes an open and accessible Internet, has long decried the lack of enforcement of Canada’s Internet openness rules for the inadequate protection it affords online choice and innovation."

"Rogers failed to provide the CRTC with technical data as to which games and applications they have tested themselves," said CGO founder Jason Koblovsky. "Without the technical data from their tests on online games, the Canadian Gamers Organization worries that Rogers’ response may be an attempt to mislead the CRTC and the public. We continue to call on Rogers to make these numbers public."

We will continue to follow this story as it develops. Let's hope Rogers is being sincere in the way it will handle all types of Internet traffic in the future.

Source: Jason Koblovsky,


Re: Rogers Promises to Stop Throttling Canadian Internet ...

Every provider just raised their price and imposed some sort of limit on their "unlimited" thanks to the CRTC decision regarding broadband usage. Screw the CRTC. Imagine, when the CRTC actually thinks a big telecom is in the wrong, something's not ok.

Re: Rogers Promises to Stop Throttling Canadian Internet ...

Well that's good for Canada.... um, what are their hands doing behind their backs?

Re: Rogers Promises to Stop Throttling Canadian Internet ...

However they still plan to have caps, Usage based billing, and will probably still do all the shady stuff that got them in shit with the CRTC in the past few years.

No news here. Rogers still sucks.

Re: Rogers Promises to Stop Throttling Canadian Internet ...

Now for Bell and Vidéotron...

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