TIGA Survey: Studios Focusing on Digital, Social Games

According to a developer survey conducted by UK game industry trade group TIGA, only 33 percent of developers in the United Kingdom are working solely on games for traditional retail. Only ten percent of those start-ups surveyed said that retail was their area of focus. The rest, two-thirds according to TIGA, are working on digital or social game properties. TIGA claims that just 33 percent of UK developers now work solely on retail, and based on survey results, estimates that the digital and social games sector will grow by 21 percent every year until 2015.

Over that same time period, retail products will decline by 3 percent each year.

The data comes from new research conducted by TIGA, which claims it polled about three quarters of all studios in the UK.

The study also found that just ten percent of start-up game studios work exclusively on packaged retail software. Around 80 percent of these start-ups are labeled as independent. This fact can be attributed to the rash of layoffs and studio closures in the UK over the last several years, which displaced a lot of talented developers.

"TIGA’s new research shows that in the UK digital distribution is in the ascent and retail is in sharp decline," noted TIGA CEO Richard Wilson. "TIGA wants to see a flourishing developer and digital publisher sector, with rising numbers of start-ups and growing sustainable studios and declining business mortality rates. The rise in network gaming offers the opportunity to achieve these objectives."

Source: Develop

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    DorthLous says:

    If I hadn't been around as long as I have, I'd say you were a corporate shill. That excuse is beyond ridiculous. The max install limit is nearly always accompanied with a "call us if you're in a special situation that forces you to reinstall more often" + usually reset after a while. Whatever company is refusing to do that for you if you have the reasons you give should simply not be bought from, not excused.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    For those in a tight spot I've been trying to go digital whenever possible when buying games. I had 500 dollars worth of games stolen when moving back in with my families house. However it seems to me some studios are not investing into digital products because people are sharing accounts like on the PSN.


    So yeah for someone like me if my system breaks down more then twice or some stoke of bad luck I have only one other attempt to download my content on another machine because some people feel its okay to share their account with their friends.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    Kind of a misleading statistic.  Comparing how many are working solely on retail games, vs how many are working on digital/social games (and possibly retail too, because the question does not exclude them) doesn't really tell you anything.  I'll bet that there are fewer people who eat solely ice cream than there are people who eat spinach.  That doesn't mean spinach is more popular than ice cream.

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