Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play Book Released

Entertainment Media Council founder Morgan Ramsay has released his new book, "Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play." Gamers at Work features 18 interviews with legendary video game creators and entrepreneurs conducted by Ramsay. Through first-hand accounts with the industry's most famous people, the book explores how entertainment software companies are formed, and how they are kept running. Some have succeeded, some have walked away and other have failed abysmally. This book explores every imaginable scenario with the help of those who took the risks and reaped the rewards.

The list of participants includes Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts; Nolan Bushnell, cofounder of Atari; Wild Bill Stealey, co-founder of MicroProse; Tony Goodman, co-founder of Ensemble Studios; Feargus Urquhart, co-founder of Obsidian Entertainment; Tim Cain, co-founder of Troika Games; Warren Spector, founder of Junction Point Studios; Doug and Gary Carlston, co-founders of Brøderbund Software; Don Daglow, founder of Stormfront Studios; John Smedley, co-founder of Verant Interactive; Ken Williams, co-founder of Sierra On-Line; Lorne Lanning, co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants; Chris Ulm, co-founder of Appy Entertainment; Tobi Saulnier, founder of 1st Playable Productions; Christopher Weaver, founder of Bethesda Softworks; Jason Rubin, co-founder of Naughty Dog; and Ted Price, founder of Insomniac Games.

The book is published by Apress, a division of Springer Science+Business Media, and is available now n print and digital formats at,, and bookstores around the globe for $29.99 (print) and $20.99 (digital). Find out more at

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