iRobot’s Warrior is Controlled by an Xbox 360 Controller

iRobot makes Roomba, the little circular robot that vacuums your house on its own. But you probably didn't know that that same company makes robots for the military and has done so for quite some time. In fact, iRobot created the PackBot, a robot that the military uses to dispose of bombs. According to Techland, the latest robot created for the military is called "Warrior," and is controlled using an Xbox controller. Warrior is not really a warrior at all – instead it's more of a work horse designed to handle tasks like opening doors, lifting debris and heavy containers, and using its 2-meter arm to smash things when necessary. It is capable of lifting up to 220 lbs.

The Warrior is the biggest robot created by the company to date. It weighs in at 450 lb. and reaches heights of up to 11-feet, 5-inches when fully upright. Warrior is controlled by using an Xbox 360 controller and the operator sees everything in the environment around the robot via its six on-board cameras.

Naturally there are plenty of applications for Warrior, like situations where it is either not optimal or safe to deploy a soldier.

Fascinating stuff, though science fiction writers of yesteryear imagined our generation flying in hover cars and transporting to different locations in the blink of an eye. By that comparison our march towards future-leaning technology has been pretty damned boring…

Source: Techland

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