No UMD Passport for U.S., Europe

It looks like those UMDs you bought for your PlayStation Portable will be completely useless if you decide to upgrade to a PS Vita.

The PS Vita will play PSP games but they'll have to be of the variety that you buy and download from the PlayStation Store. Sony announced what it called the "UMD Passport" program for Japanese consumers, but players in other regions will not have access to that program. Sony decided that we didn't want or need it. The UMD Passport program would allow gamers to register the games they already had on the PSP exclusive format and then download them onto their spiffy new Vita devices.

Sony has not indicated why it won't roll out UMD Passport outside of Japan, but it certainly gives consumers an incentive to hold onto the aging Sony portable platform. In fact it may prove to depress sales of PS Vita to those customers who have invested a lot of money into UMD-based games. We'll see.

Source: Techland.

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    GrimCW says:

    i skipped most of the above i admit, but in the end your right its about the fun.

    the 3DS simply didn't have anything for me, prob cause i just never got into the DS's either since most of its titles, even the better ones, were mostly just mini games.

    i really liked the 3DS, and i had fun with it when i got it, but its current and apparent future lineup just hasn't caught my eye enough to even remember games names. Such as i like Residant Evil, but i keep forgetting the new one even exists. It was also touted to be far more powerful than it is, which was a bit of a letdown. As well as many of its games still just feel like more of a gimmick playing with the tech, or just plain jane casual games as opposed to something a little more out there.

    i think the sales in low vs high tech usually ends in the price difference too. people are far more inclined to buy based on price and reputation than they are tech (especially in the way of uninformed older folks). Hence the 3DS had a bit of a hard start (good one, but a bit rough for a DS) and really went up further after the drop.  I wish this would grind into the companies skulls a but more as they whine about piracy too. lower prices will gain greater sales. STEAM's popularity really shows this too with its constant sales on games (even i admit, i never would've been into several franchises if it weren't for steams sales, and leading me to buy newer  additions to said franchises at full price later. such as Saints Row 3, i HATED the first game, skipped the second, and got the third for $20 usd, and LOVE it, now i'm reconsidering the first 2.. and def on board for another)

    PSP flopped due to bad support.. REALLY bad support :/ (spent way to much time trying to get movies on it…) and odd advertising..  but tbh i still ended up playing it more than i did my DS or 3DS (tbh i cannot understand why i never got into them :/ ). the PSP actually got me into the Socom games (i actually hated them on the PS2) as well as just went with me all round the world during my military time and was so bloody useful in an age before smart phones. Movies, pic storage, music, and gaming.. it was a dream system for me. even with its limited game selection (and my even more limited ability to get them in the Gulf) it still had more titles that gripped me than the DS.. :/

    on another note for fun, where you seem to like the touch screen as an alternative for the second analog, i hated it :p it either required i set the system on the table to play with the stylus, or stretch my already odd thumbs (backward jointed) to far across the system and ended up getting painful :/ As it is i think i'm gonna need the grip case for the Vita to avoid a similar issue given the still pretty aweful location of the things.. Sony needs to redesign their controllers :/


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    hellfire7885 says:

    And I personally find the AR technology fun to play with.

    And in the end, isn't that what it's suppose to be about? Not about superior technology, but fun?


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    Zen says:

    The bump mapping was an example of a generational leap forward in terms of the graphics capabilities of the system.  It's not the "only" update there is, but your over-reacting at statements along with the blindly one sided ones have already shown your mind is made up for the Vita while anything different is bad.  

    The 3DS is not as graphically powerful as the Vita, just as the DS wasn't to the PSP, and the Wii wasn't to the PS3.  Yet so far all three of these comparisons have favored the weaker in the fight in regards to sales and overall popularity.  The Wii has dropped down simply because Nintendo let the developers just make a bunch of cheaper games that buried the good games, but hopefully they will be taking a more active role in this in the future.  Games like Resident Evil: Revelations, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Super Street Fighter IV, and an ever growing selection of already announced and upcoming titles show that the system is more than capable graphically (WELL beyond what the DS EVER could do) and this is just the begging.  

    In regards to the controls, I honestly don't care for the second analog stick in most instances for the simple fact i use the touch screen for whatever features it would have helped with.  It has been used for camera controls in 3rd person games, my aiming reticle in FPS games, stat/party management for RPGs, and more.  I do like that the second stick is an option, but it is not necessary for everything.  The PSP got the complaints because there were no other options and honestly needed an update to add one.  If you wanted to play a FPS you had to juggle the analog stick with the face buttons and hope it works out ok.  Sony learned that lesson and have tried to mimic the Dual Shock controls onto the Vita which hopefully will work out well.  Add to this the analog stick for the 3DS is not the only update that was added as the system has full range motion as well as accelerometers built in which are used to great effect for the built in software as well as Star Fox for flying, Mario Kart for driving, and The Legend of Zelda: OoT for some handy shooting and first person actions.  

    Now onto the Nintendo 64 ports as well as the lack of quality software you state is occurring.  Only 2 N64 ports were produced for the system around launch which were Zelda: OoT and Star Fox 64 3D.  Both games were originally released on an older system, but they received MASSIVE updates graphically as well as with controls for their new iterations on the 3DS.  Zelda looks more impressive especially if you look at how it looked when it was on the N64 to the level of detail now as does Star Fox.  Are these games technological achivements meant to show off the power of a system that just launched a few months prior…simple answer is no.  These were both fan service as well as a simple way to get games onto the system on that always troubling opening period where the developers are still learning the technology while the gamers are waiting for more titles.  

    A new original Zelda is already in the works as stated by people in Nintendo for the 3DS, as well as the hopes for a remake of Majora's Mask because some of us, myself included, would love to get that title as a remake with the same quality OoT received or better. Not much has been said about a new Star Fox that I can think of off the top of my head, but a slew of new and original games, as well as continuations of different franchises are coming even now with the release of RE earlier this week.  Kid Icarus is returning in a new game that makes better use of the touch screen than a second analog would (and before you say anything I know the Circle Pad-Pro is compatible, but it's just to allow a Left-Hand mode).  A new 2D Mario is on the way from Nintendo as well as Tekken from Namco, Monster Hunter from Capcom, a new Professor Layton, and many more games.  I already have a good sized library of games for the my 3DS that I enjoy for the most part (not every game is a jewel…it happens) but the addition of the downloadable titles has also helped to flesh out what this system is capable of.

    I honestly believe this will be a good fight between Sony and Nintendo for the handhelds, but I think it will benefit all of us because it has forced both sides to develop better more capable systems so we all win regardless.

    Sorry for the rant, but I get tired of hearing people blankly complain about something and try to start little "system wars" everywhere.  We all play games, we all enjoy them, but we don't all have to have the exact same thing to do it.  We all win…so lets just go play some games!

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    GrimCW says:

    sooo 3 games with bump maps makes it a huge update?

    the still low res large pixel screen doesn't exactly clean up the picture enough to actually enjoy the added visuals to much, or correct its control issues (though $20 later you can fix those). Nor does it fix the lack of quality titles that aren't just ports and barely new installments to old franchises that probably need die finally.

    like i said, the 3DS isn't bad tbh, but its not a very big update at all. TBH though i think i have more fun with my Wii than the 3DS. But it also needs some new more original, or better updated games. instead of more N64 ports, how bout a new starfox, zelda, and such instead?

    the only thing really keeping it afloat is this insane dedication that people have to nintendo, and years ago i would've agreed, but lately they're literally the kings of shovelware minigames i can get cheaper on my phone.

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    Draque says:

    This is really a shame, because I really want the Vita to do well.  I love the thought of a back-touch interface simply as an input method for games.  Both Sony and Nintendo need to realize that they are no longer facing each other as primary competitors.  They are facing smart phones as competitors.  Every time something like this UMD passport failure comes up, it gets less convenient to buy/play games on their systems when I can just pay a dollar and play some stupid minigame for 20 minutes instead.

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    GrimCW says:

    tbh if there were to many games on the PSP that i didn't import, i'd be a bit peeved. I also already have any game worth having (to me, the Socom's namely) digitally, and anything else i'd ever want is dirt cheap digitally anyways. most else thats any good isn't even on digital (such as Kingdom hearts, or FFVII:CC). Needless to say, just like my GBA:SP, i won't be turning int my PSP 3001 (yes 3001, i don't think its any dif than the reg 3000 in anyway besides custom color) anytime soon. i mean hell, i still have a GBC somewhere for those games! (yes i'm aware GBA can play them too)

    but its this same attitude and move by Sony that PO'ed people against the PSPgo. So i won't say some hate isn't warranted given its another bait and switch on Sony's part. They promised this for so long, and barely a week prior to initial release they back out yet again.

    i plan to still get the Vita because, unlike Nintendo's constant DS variations with barely there tweaks at full price of a new system, the Vita is an ACTUAL new system.

    the fact it allows for any backwards compatibility at all is just a bonus. TBH i think people need to be feeling a little less entitled to backwards compat and a little more open to actually new hardware for once. the strive to keep the backwards compat only damages what we can expect from consoles and hand helds.

    i mean the 3DS was supposed to be really powerful graphically, yet in my experience with it, it never wowed me once over the DS. Sure its picture was clearer to a degree, but graphically its games, even exclusives, were just boring and DSi grade quality. It held nothing new to it besides it has 3D… fun wow.. sooo its a DS with an analog stick and 3D… anything else? i mean, besides a backlog of redone N64 games that could've just as easily been done on the original DS?

    i won't say the 3DS is bad, but its really barely a half step forward from the DSi, where the Vita is a helluva leap forward from the PSP.

    FAR better GFX (and these are launch titles! can't wait to see the future!), dual analog, touch screen, and touch pad, with six axis.. its literally got some pizaz to show off, where the 3DS literally has ONE analog stick (something people whined about on the PSP),and…. 3D.. what, nothing else?! dang.  something most people don't even admittedly play with active… tbh i think people finally got over the whole "OH ITS A NEW DS!!" and realized they aren't really new, just with added gimmicks..

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    Samster says:

    This is pretty much the reason I'm not interested in getting the PS Vita. I still have half a dozen games on my PSP I haven't even touched yet, but I plan to. So I'll be sticking with my PSP, thanks!

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    Aidinthel says:

    Worse, even with the Passport system you still have to pay for the games again-it's just cheaper. Does Sony not understand that people want good products?

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