Ubisoft Apologizes for DRM Troubles Caused by Server Maintenance

Ubisoft has issued an apology to customers who were affected by server moves this week that affected games requiring "always connected" DRM – even when they tried to play single player games. Because Ubisoft uses a DRM scheme on some games that require a constant connection, shutting the servers down that these games require made them unplayable.

Ubisoft warned players last week that many PC titles would not function during the maintenance, including Tom Clancy's HAWX 2, Might & Magic: Heroes 6, and The Settlers 7. The company also said that Mac users would be losing access to Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell Conviction and The Settlers. But during the maintenance, games Ubisoft didn't list – such as Driver: San Francisco and Anno 2070 – didn't work. Obviously those who paid good money for these games were not happy.

“We apologize for the inconvenience, it seems some of you can't connect to games announced as playable during migration,” the publisher said in a tweet. “We're on it and will keep you posted here!”

Of course, that short statement brings little comfort to customers who missed out on some play-time because of stupid DRM.

Source: IndustryGamers

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