Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Campaign Hits $1 Million

Double Fine's Kickstarter campaign for the "Double Fine Adventure" game project has surpassed $1 million. Originally they were asking for $500,000 in funding but within eight hours of launching the appeal they had raked in well over $800,000 for a point-and-click adventure game and a documentary to be filmed by 2 Player Productions. Earlier in the day Tim Schafer said that any money over the initial amount would be used to bring the game to other formats.

As of this writing (and this number is changing fast) the Double Fine Adventure Game fund is at $1,042,828, and has 27,237 backers. Clearly this appeal has broken a number of Kickstarter records – and there are still 32 days left.

While all of this is pretty exciting, we wonder if it will change the way Double Fine funds game development in the future. We wonder this because of what they said when they launched the campaign on their official web site:

"Think it will work? I hope so, because I would rather work directly for the fans than for anyone else. If the Double Fine Kickstarter Adventure is a success, it could open the doors for all sorts of new funding possibilities, and all kinds of new games that could never happen in the old system. So basically I’m just talking about changing the entire world forever for the better. And getting a game out of it."

This proves that developers with some name recognition have other options besides pitching ideas to publishers. Instead they can pitch ideas to the community, who can in turn fund the ideas they want to see become a reality. At the very least it will certainly get the attention of those who have traditionally held all the power: publishers.

You can keep track of the Double Fine Adventure Game Kickstarter here.

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