Apple vs. Samsung: The Fight Continues

Apple is back in court assailing Samsung with two patents it obtained in December of last year. In documents filed Tuesday in the San Jose federal court, Apple used freshly-granted US Patents 8,074,172 and 8,086,604 to seek a temporary injunction against Samsung. From the patent descriptions:

"One aspect of the invention involves a method that includes: in a first area of the touch screen, displaying a current character string being input by a user with the keyboard; in a second area of the touch screen, displaying the current character string or a portion thereof and a suggested replacement for the current character string..."

And the second patent:

"The present invention provides convenient access to items of information that are related to various descriptors input by a user, by means of a unitary interface which is capable of accessing information in a variety of locations, through a number of different techniques. Using a plurality of heuristic algorithms to operate upon information descriptors input by the user, the present invention locates and displays candidate items of information for selection and/or retrieval. Thus, the advantages of a search engine can be exploited, while listing only relevant object candidate items of information."

The new lawsuit follows a setback for Apple in December when U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh denied a preliminary injunction that was meant to bar the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy tablet in the United States. Apple is appealing that ruling. The new lawsuit uses utility patents instead of design patents and has been filed under seal. The only public information available is references to the new patent numbers in the docket and a filing stating that the new case is connected to the prior one. It also shows that Apple is seeking a preliminary injunction.

It's not clear if Apple is targeting Samsung's tablet designs, its smartphones, or all of the above with this lawsuit. You can look at the filing here. Apple has spent around $100 million suing Samsung in various courts around the world.

Source: PaidContent

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