Sony to Launch $50 Million Marketing Plan for PS Vita

According to a report in the New York Times, Sony plans a $50 million marketing blitz to ensure that the PlayStation Vita sells well in regions outside of Japan. Sony's latest portable in a long line of hits and misses in the space hopes to capture some market share back from Nintendo and Apple. It started out well enough when it launched in Japan, but then sales of the PS Vita died down.

Sony senior director John Koller told the paper that this marketing campaign was "the largest platform launch in terms of marketing investment we’ve ever had." The tagline for the marketing campaign is "Never Stop Playing," and Sony plans to conduct an ad placement blitz during popular television shows, engage in various retail partnerships, use social media spaces, and try-before-you-buy events called Vita Social Clubs.

"Gaming is no longer playing alone in a basement by one person with one machine; it’s all networked," said Jason Elm executive vice president & creative director at Deutsch, the marketing firm Sony is working closely with for the launch.

As is always the case, what matters is really which games will be available at launch. Early adopters will want to play their PlayStation-branded favorites. On that front Sony has enough of a line-up to get gaming gadget junkies excited about the device. Whether that translates into big first-day and first-week sales remains to be seen.

Source: New York Times, IndustryGamers

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