World of Warcraft Subscriber Exodus Slows Down in Latest Quarter

While Blizzard may have lost an estimated 100,000 subscribers in its most recently reported quarter, the good news for the World of Warcraft maker is that the bleeding is now trickling. In the quarter before that Blizzard revealed that it had lost a whopping 800,000 subscribers, so losing 100,000 in the three months ending December 31 seems almost like a reversal of fortune.

Many attribute the slowing in subscriber departures to some aggressive marketing campaigns – most notably the ad campaign featuring legendary action star Chuck Norris – as seen on TV, the web, and even on Xbox Live.

Analysts and investors are keeping a vigilant eye on the performance of Electronic Arts’ new MMO The Old Republic. While The Old Republic currently claims 1.7 million subscribers, there is direct evidence that those subscribers have been peeled away from World of Warcraft.

Source: Develop

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    Hevach says:

    The bitching, threatened ragequitting, the quitting and then coming back after the first major patch… that all happens.

    However, the actual substantial loss of players who neither return nor are replaced by new players didn't happen in the previous expansions. They maintained or gained subscriber numbers through most of the first two expansions, with a small slippage near the end of Wrath. Nothing like what's happened since Cataclysm.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    According to all of the veteran players I talked to, this happens EVERY single expansion.

    According to some players, every time an expansion came out, from The Burning Crusade until now, certain players talk about how it's going to kill WoW, and ragequit.

    Those same players would bitch if Blizzard just left the game as it was from Day 1.

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