Gambitious Offers Crowd-Sourced Funding Solution for Indie Developers

Although it was not inspired by Double Fine's ongoing Kickstarter success in funding an old-school point-and-click adventure game, Gambitous seems to be landing just in time to take advantage of a possible changing trend in funding game development. The company, which hopes to launch in March, is meant to help independent game developers find the revenues they need to fuel new ideas or continue ideas they have already found some level of success in. The biggest problem for crowd-sourced funding is that it is really an untested idea for developers who aren't household names like Tim Schafer. Nevertheless, Gambitious plans to have a go at it.

"When developers register their project at Gambitious, they are in full control," says MD Paul Hanraets. "They indicate how much capital is required to fund their project and determine how much equity they offer in return. Then it's up to them to market their title and convince the investors who visit the platform. Again, anyone can invest; from as little as €20 for each investment unit, to as much as €2,500,000."

Using the same model as Symbid, creatives can go to, pitch their idea and get investment from various sources. Funding can come in small increments or large, assuming the idea is a solid one.

"For indie developers it was deemed almost impossible to raise capital for new or existing game projects," continued Hanraets. "The traditional publishers have seen their role dramatically change, and have grown hesitant if not reluctant in investing in new game franchises. Unfortunately there are few alternatives to this traditional funding model. There is a strong need for new and innovative structures to back indie game projects financially; now more than ever."

On a related note, Double Fine's Adventure Game Kickstarter is at $1,761,603 with 51,032 backers – at least as of this writing.


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