IndieGala Bundle 2: The Line-Up So Far

February 14, 2012 -

While we often elevate the Humble Bundle as the de facto DRM-free and pay-what-you-want game bundle, there are other bundles out there worthy of just as much ink. IndieGala is one of those other examples, and today it has added Hacker Evolution to its list of games available in its second bundle offering. Like the Humble Bundle, it also lets buyers slip some (or all) of the money towards two charities: Save The Children and Child's Play charities.

The original Hacker Evolution is unlocked for every bundle type and, for customers who buy the Bigsaver bundle or greater, there is also a special selection of music from the German musician Ulrich Schnauss. The tracks include "A millions miles away," "On my own," "Stars," and "Wherever You Are."

Unlike the Humble Bundle, the IndieGala Bundle comes in several different tiers.

The base bundle, called the CAREBEAR, starts at $1.00 dollar and includes Critical Mass by Manic Games Studios, Bunch of Heroes by NGD Studios, Fortix 2 by Nemesys games, Hacker Evolution by exosyphen studios, music from Jack Butler ("Fit The Paradigm"), music from The Numbers ("Beautiful EP") and music from Giraffage ("Comfort"). Beating the level 1 bundle's average of $5.65 will get you additional games such as Greed Corp by Vanguard Games, Roboblitz by Naked Sky Entertainment, music from Robot Science ("Square"), music from Casey Lalonde ("The 2010 album of the film and videogame composer Casey Lalonde" and "The 2011 EP of Casey Lalonde") and music from Ulrich Schnauss ("The Gala Selection").

Finally beating the level 2 average of $9.89 will earn you additional content such as inMomentum, by Digital Arrow, Zombie Shooter 2 by Sigma Team, Hacker Evolution: Duality, by exosyphen studios, Hacker Evolution: Untold, by exosyphen studios, Your Doodles Are Bugged! by Spyn Doctor Games, Zombie Shooter 1, by Sigma Team, and music from Robot Science ("Doodads: Robot Science 2010 complete album").

If this sounds delightful to you (and it should at such a low, low price), then you should head on over to


Re: IndieGala Bundle 2: The Line-Up So Far

I guess if you don't mind Steam, then this is great... Just like the humble bundles, except those are DRM-Free.

Re: IndieGala Bundle 2: The Line-Up So Far

Steam may be DRM, but it's DRM that actually works and makes some lick of sense.

Re: IndieGala Bundle 2: The Line-Up So Far

AFAICT, this one has DRM. It's Steam, so no buy for me.


Re: IndieGala Bundle 2: The Line-Up So Far

Yes, the games are only available on steam, but that's how i play all my games.

Paid $11, so i beat the average and got everything. But now hotmail is down so i cant get my code... grrr.....

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