IIPA Files Annual Report to Government on Copyright Infringement Hot Spots

The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) has published its annual written submission to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative complaining about copyright infringement and file-sharing. The annual report from the organization comprised mostly of trade groups representing the entertainment and movie industries (Association of American Publishers, BSA, ESA, Independent Film & Television Alliance, MPAA, National Music Publishers’ Association, the RIAA, etc.) says that Canada, China, Russia and the Ukraine should be listed as "Special 301" in the Priority Watch List. the Special 301 designation means a severe lack of "adequacy and effectiveness of U.S. trading partners’ protection of intellectual property rights."

You can get a great rundown of how the IIPA feels about enforcement efforts in countries like China, Canada, the Ukraine, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, and more at TorrentFreak.

The overall impression most readers will come away with is that – even in countries that are making a serious effort to combat copyright infringement – the IIPA wants them to do more or do a better job. It's like going home for Christmas and getting criticized by your mom for not giving her any grandchildren yet even though you're the CEO of a million dollar company. Sheesh.

Source: TorrentFreak

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