ESRB, Penny Arcade Team Up for New PSAs

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has teamed up with Penny Arcade for a new PSA campaign. The three-part print and online campaign will feature "caricatures based upon real parents and gamers" who offer their perspectives about the ESRB ratings system and tools like rating summaries, and the ESRB mobile app. The ads will feature artwork designed by the creators of the popular video game webcomic. The ads will start appearing this spring in "parent-focused and game enthusiast media outlets" nationwide.

"Our new PSA campaign is designed to get the message to parents that there are tools they can use to make informed choices about video games for their children and families, even beyond the rating on a game's package," says ESRB president Patricia Vance. "We felt there was no one better to share insights about the ESRB ratings than real parents and gamers who use the ratings themselves. And the artists at Penny Arcade provided the cool, eye-catching visual elements to bring the campaign to life with an artistic style that is uniquely and unmistakably their own."

The stars of the ESRB PSA campaign include Juri Peterson, a Navy wife and mother of two teens from Lakeside, CA.; Richard Hosler, a married father of one from Lafayette, IN; and Joshua Conway, a gamer from Los Angeles, CA.

The ESRB also announced that it will be co-hosting a Twitter Party on February 23rd at 9:00 pm ET/6:00 pm PT with Johner Riehl of Family Friendly Video Games (@FmlyFrndlyVdGms) and Mary Heston of WiredMoms (@maryheston) to discuss the ways the ESRB helps consumers choose the right video games. To join the conversation, RSVP at and use Twitter hashtag #ESRB.

You can check out the new PSAs here.

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