FortressCraft Developer Rejects Claims that His Game is a Minecraft Clone

In a lengthy back-and-forth with Eurogamer, FortressCraft creator Adam Sawkins explains why his Xbox Live game is so much more than a clone of Minecraft. With Minecraft officially launching next month on Xbox Live, Sawkins is taking a lot of heat from the press and gamers about his game. Many say that it is simply a cheap knock-off of Minecraft. Sawkins, who worked on the Burnout series before striking out on his own, takes issue with the comparisons to Minecraft.

"Minecraft is a game about digging out resources, crafting weapons and armor, travelling into the Nether, and killing a dragon," Sawkins said. "Whilst it lets you be creative, that's never been its main focus. You can spend ages creating amazing things in it, but Minecraft's never been about the creative aspect, any more than GTA is about making sculptures out of buses. Sure, you can do it, but the game doesn't lend itself to that, nor does it help you out."

Sawkins goes on to list the new features the game has added recently including night vision goggles, colored lighting, a custom world generation system, lasers, fairy wings, factories, an island mode, and multiple PVP modes, among other things. These things, along with unique game functions, make his game nothing like Minecraft, contends Sawkins.

"FortressCraft, on the other hand, has focused almost entirely on the creative aspect. It's a powerful Voxel engine; it allows complete creation and destruction of anything you want. It allows you to create high-resolution custom blocks, place them and then animate them. It has automated robotic minions to help take the grind out of creating something amazing. And if that's not enough, the game has an elegant copy-and-paste system, allowing you to create entire cities in a matter of hours, rather than days.

Despite all the differences with his game and Minecraft, people continue to assail him on the fact that he is making money off a game whose concept is lifted from Mojang's game. He points out that some could accuse Mojang of stealing from another game called Infiniminer, developed by Zachtronics.

"How many people run around shouting that Zachtronics should sue Mojang? Minecraft stole half the name, the basic idea AND the graphic style from Infiniminer," Sawkins replied. "Why am I apparently held to a different set of standards?"

But the most interesting part of the interview is just how much this Xbox Live Indie game has made. According to Sawkins, he has made $2 million off the game to date.

Source: Eurogamer.

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    prh99 says:

    Who cares, and they have nothing to sue over unless the guy stole textures or code. While he may be straining credulity with his claim that Minecraft isn't about creativity,  he is right that Minecraft hasn't done anything new, nor is it particularly innovative it just happened to become an indie darling. Honestly it not even really that fun, unless you like grinding and farming, and I can think of much better uses for $26 than spend it on a game that's not really much of a game. What little game they've added in the last few patches feels tacked on at best.  So yeah I don't see what people are mad about.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    Notch isn't bothered by people imitating Minecraft.  Why should anyone else be?  Sounds like this guy is doing his own thing with the concept, and a lot of people apparently thought it was worth their dough.  How can anybody with a shred of gaming background try to argue that one particular studio should be able to own a style of game?  Do we want only one FPS studio, only one RPG studio, etc?  Give me a break.

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    paketep says:

    "Minecraft is a game about digging out resources, crafting weapons and armor, travelling into the Nether, and killing a dragon," Sawkins said. "Whilst it lets you be creative, that's never been its main focus"

    Wow. Had to stop there. What a douchebag, lying like that to try protecting himself.

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    Mr.Tastix says:

    His whole "Minecraft = Infiniminer" is a logical and fairly reasonable point to make, especially considering Notch has stated that Infiniminer was one of the original sources of inspiration for him creating Minecraft. The difference, however, is that Infiniminer was discontinued when Notch started development, so Notch was more-or-less trying to revive a gamestyle he enjoyed playing.

    It doesn't bother me that another developer is making what some consider a "Minecraft clone", simply because there a plenty of games with similar gameplay styles (like Battlefield and Call of Duty). It's exactly this kind of thing that caused the advent of the term "genre".

    My issue with this guy is that he thinks Minecraft's main focus isn't creativity. Minecraft was originally created for that entire purpose.

    Throughout Classic and the Beta that was virtually all you could do. Monsters and animals only existed to die so you could collect loots and, even now, reaching the final dragon boss requires you build even a basic hut if you want to survive long enough to actually see it.

    Creating stuff is absolutely essential in the Minecraft gameworld. If you removed the ability to create then what you'd be left with is a game where you punch cows for fun.

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    Sporge says:

    I saw this game before and honestly it does seem like mincraft, except he adds in a  bunch of gadgets… makes everything shiny and more high def.  Iono I feel like his game lacks a certain aesthetic.  

    I am really just more annoyed that he lies… I mean it isn't like minecraft has a creative mode or anything…. Really his main problem is timing, you don't go realeasing something soo similar to a game making game of the year awards and not expect to be accused of this sort of thing.  It would be like making a 3d plat former about a plumber the year super mario 64 came out…. I mean sure it can be entirely different, but you can't expect not to be called a plagiarist, especially when the plumber in your game has a red hat.

    It is true there were games before that minecraft borrowed from as well, but you don't see mojang getting all bent out of shape about it, and pretty sure infinity miner was given credit for the inspiration, and you know minecraft wasn't released at the same time as it…. nor did infinity miner do that well.

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    Kajex says:

    It's not just that he's being a dumbass about the standards- he's attempting to redefine the standards as a futile attempt to deny that his game is a clone, in the sense that he hates.

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    Craig R. says:

    "Whilst it lets you be creative, that's never been its main focus."

    I don't think I can stop from laughing long enough to be able to properly respond to this bald-faced lie.

    "Why am I apparently held to a different set of standards?"

    Because you're the one being a dumbass about it?

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    GoodRobotUs says:

    I'd never even heard of this game till now.

    Looks pretty Minecraftey to me… Maybe not a complete clone, as in indistinguishable from Minecraft, but there's little doubting where the influences come from.

  9. 0
    Kajex says:

    Oddly enough, this moron spent an entire week on Minecraft's wiki fighting a revert war, before getting banned.


    He knows it's a clone. We know it's a clone. Trying to pretend that Minecraft isn't about being creative is jaw-droppingly delusional. Trying to redefine what a clone is while ignoring the fact that, even under the new parameters set by his bullshit definition he would still fall under it, is completely retarded.

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