Report: Activision Lashes Out at Game Blog for Revealing Name of Next Call of Duty

Activision is not a happy camper today as the name of its next Call of Duty title is leaked by Amazon's French portal, then quickly taken offline. According to the Amazon France page, the name of the next game is "Call of Duty Black Ops 2." The news was first reported by Gameblog.

After the report was published by the French gaming blog, they claim that Activision "demanded" that they take the story down. When the site declined that "request" Activision then rescinded an invite to an upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron preview event and removed advertising bookings it had with the site (all of this was translated by Gamespot UK).

Activision has not publicly commented on the report or the accusations of the gaming site in question.

Earlier this year Activision confirmed plans to release a new Call of Duty title this fall, but did not offer any details on the game – not even its title.

Update: this GameSpot story lends further credence to that fact that Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is the official name of the next game in the series…

Source: Eurogamer by way of Andrew Eisen


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