Starbreeze Lays off 25 Employees

February 17, 2012 -

According to a report, Syndicate developer Starbreeze Studios has eliminated 25 jobs. While our first guess would be that these jobs were temporary or work-for-hire jobs that were to be eliminated when the company finished developing the tactical action game sequel for Electronic Arts anyway, comments from Starbreeze's Mikael Nermark to don't make a distinction:

"It is sad that we are forced to make staff cutbacks affecting employees," said Nermark. "But we have to reduce staff after the final delivery of the Syndicate," said Nermark. is also reporting that Peter Tornquist will resign from Starbreeze's board and he will not be replaced. EA will release the new Syndicate game next week.



Re: Starbreeze Lays off 25 Employees

That's a shame.  I hope the laid off devs find work soon.

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