Dashboard Update Offers Olive Branch to XBLIG Developers

February 20, 2012 -

The most recent Xbox Live dashboard update had something in it that wasn't heavily advertised, but was much welcomed when it was finally revealed. The update, which went live last week, returned the Xbox Live Indie Games section back to prominence within the games section, putting the category back on par with Xbox Live Arcade Games and Games on Demand. 

This has been a serious complaint amongst those who develop games on Xbox Live, with many - including Tim Schafer - quite vocally saying that Microsoft must do its best to address and deal with complaints about the lack of exposure for XBLIG titles. On this front Microsoft has apparently listened. The update has not been deployed outside of North America yet.

"As you've now noticed, the Xbox Live Marketplace was updated to change the way games are surfaced to customers," a Microsoft statement issued to Eurogamer read. "Microsoft is continually working to better organise our digital game content on the platform and your feedback played a part in that. Part of this new organisation means that Xbox Live Indie Games now has a tile on the top level of the marketplace right next to Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Games on Demand."

The update also adds more categories such as new releases and top downloads - which includes indie games.

"This update is something we are extremely excited about as it really brings Xbox Live Indie Games to a higher level of visibility in the dashboard. We believe these changes will help even more gamers find and experience the great offerings you've all developed for Xbox Live Indie Games."

Hopefully these changes will make their way to markets outside of North America - like Europe. If they do, we'll let you know.

Source: Eurogamer


Re: Dashboard Update Offers Olive Branch to XBLIG Developers

Now if they can just kill off bing and put in a sane search system!

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