Humble Bundle Mojam Raises Nearly $500K for Charity

Over the weekend Mojang, Oxeye, and Wolfire worked on three different games during the Humble Bundle Mojam, an event that asked participants to donate money, pick the genre and style and then get it as a gift when they were done. As was advertised, each team spent 60 hours creating a game, and all the proceeds earned during the event went to charity. Mojang let users vote on their theme and came to a conclusion on what they'd build by picking the highest and lowest voted choices to create a steampunk, Egyptian-themed, RTS, shooter called Catacomb Snatch.

The game charges players with exploring the map and catacomb. Enemies drop coins when they are killed, which can be used to buy various items such as turrets for the home base, bombs to blow up walls, and train tracks to connect your base to the catacomb.

Wolfire created a game called The Broadside Express, while Oxeye made Fists of Resistance.

The whole ordeal ended up moving 81,573 units and raising $458,220.95 for charity. Pretty cool. You can see Mojang's game in action in the video to your left. Mojang's Notch promised to shave off his beard if people make the donation number go over $500,000. If you would like to see that, visit the Humble Bundle Mojam site – donations are still being accepted.


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