Nintendo 3DS Hits Five Million Units Sold Milestone in Less than a Year

Nintendo announced today that it has managed to sell 5 million 3DS handheld game systems in Japan. The company hit this milestone on Sunday. The system was released in Japan on February 26, 2011. – a little less than a year ago. Nintendo said that this milestone makes the 3DS the fastest-selling game platform ever in the country.

A year ago the company launched the system to much excitement in Japan. But the system quickly saw sales slow to a crawl. It forced the company to do something it has never done before with a new platform – slash its price worldwide in the first six months of release. While many spoke doom and gloom for Nintendo – most notably many of its investors – the move proved to be a wise one. Still, things aren't quite perfect for Nintendo. Last month the company cut its yearly sales target for the 3DS by 13 percent, to 14 million. The price cut was also bad for overall profits; the company is expected to take a year-over-year loss in the current fiscal year which ends in March.

Source: MCV

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