Purple Monkeys and Presidents Day

Admittedly, I sometimes don't understand Andrew Eisen. Case and point, his latest video. Today is Presidents Day and he decides to release a video about the Monkey Watch game in Rhythm Heaven Fever. Let's just forget all the good works of our first and 16th presidents, and instead concern ourselves with the proper beat to keep in a mini-game about monkeys! 

Yes Washington actually fought a war against the British for our independence and Lincoln waged the bloodiest war in America's history to confront the biggest issue since the founding of the republic, but let's learn about the proper way to tap our hands in time with animated monkeys.

For Valentine’s Day he bought his girlfriend a MIG welder, I think.

Of course, I kid. Everyone loves monkeys, purple or otherwise. Have at the video to your left, and Happy Presidents Day. And yes, some girls do like MIG welders.


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