Fake Pokemon Yellow App Yanked from Apple’s App Store

Over the weekend some modern-day hucksters decided to put up “Pokémon Yellow” on Apple’s App store. The app, which purported to be “just like the original” and has since been yanked from the store by Apple, made it into the number 3 position on the store’s paid app charts. The app certainly confused plenty of customers, who gleefully plunked down .99 cents to play an authentic Pokémon game on their iOS device of choice, only to find that it crashed when launching.

Nintendo has vehemently opposed bringing its core first-party franchises to other platforms – even when strongly encouraged to do so by its investors – but what is most surprising is that Apple let this app slip through the approval process in the first place.

The game, published by House of Anime and made available on Feb. 17, offered a product page on iTunes complete with unattributed press quotes and a picture that would lead purchasers to believe that it was the remake of an official classic Nintendo game.

After the game’s release, its developers, still full of audacity (due mostly, we imagine, to not being caught for their little ruse) issued an apology to the 200+ users who bought the game, found that it did not work, and wrote negative reviews.

What Apple will do for these poor souls who bought the game we do not know, but they should probably issue everyone involved a full and total refund. After all, they approved the game for deployment in their digital marketplace.

Source: Ars Technica

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