Microsoft: No Third Party Content for MS Flight

February 21, 2012 -

Microsoft will not allow third parties to build content for its new Microsoft Flight game. They say that allowing third parties to develop content for the new game would simply cause brand confusion amongst customers. The game series has a rich tradition of third party content, but this latest iteration is a free-to-play game offering bonus content created and sold by Microsoft. Firms that have made a living off of creating additional content for past MS Flight games such as Just Flight and First Class Simulations have built expansions for Microsoft’s previous Flight Simulator titles and want in on this one.

"We’re trying something very different," MS Flight’s executive producer Joshua Howard told MCV. "Instead of opening this up to everything, anywhere, by anybody, which frankly creates sort of a confusing mess for a new customer, we get to manage it more, tell a story, help it grow and get on its feet.

"I believe this ecosystem will come to be larger than the existing product’s ecosystem," he continued. "And that will be a point where I can’t meet the appetite of a customer base, and I will invest to bring more people in."

He goes on to say that Microsoft wants this game to reach beyond its usual target audience and bring in those who don't consider themselves "gamers." MS Flight releases on February 29. It could also land on other platforms in the future, though for right now it will only be available on Games for Windows - Live.

Source: MCV



Re: Microsoft: No Third Party Content for MS Flight

On a side-note, it's the stuff that I don't hear - that I hear the loudest.

Without multiplayer, they can just as well cancel their launch before it cost them any more money.

Fly anywhere
A key feature of the MS Flight (simulator) brand, is that you are able to fly anywhere in the world. Dropping this key feature is as surprising and confusing as if USA would look for peaceful solutions instead of going to war.


Re: Microsoft: No Third Party Content for MS Flight

I don't think multiplayer was ever part of the series, but would be neat.

And if they really are dropping the ability to fly literally anywhere on a whim, poo on them. That's what I liked when I tried the series out.

Re: Microsoft: No Third Party Content for MS Flight

...MS had ONE brand which was earning them kudos. *sigh*

Why not set up a store where 3rd parties were allowed to sell add-ons that were Q/A'ed by MS?

Also, what is this bull about "attracting non gamers" to a flight-simulator?
Sure, I can totally see how my mom and dad (who get scared of anything more complex than MS Solitare) would be attracted to MS Flight. Uhm... no wait... what?

Re: Microsoft: No Third Party Content for MS Flight

So you do not want it to sell more because you can mod it?

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Re: Microsoft: No Third Party Content for MS Flight

What fun is it when you can't tear ass around NYC in an X-wing?

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